MICROPOLITAN studio is a research-based art and design collective that creates experimental multimedia projects, public art installations, and architecture

We use color, materiality, data and performance to tell stories about bodies in space and the spaces around bodies.


Delara Rahim teaches “A huge House III: Aboriginal College”, a 1st year Graduate studio coordinated by Guillermo Fernandez-Abascal, Academia, Feb 2024

MICROPOLITAN studio contributes to “Emergent Emergency Strategies: 11 Takes On Collective Abundance”, Publication, Oct 2023

Francisco Brown joins the Harvard Alumni Council, Leadership, Jul 2023

MICROPOLITAN studio presents Playgrounds & Fear in Collective Abundance Demo exhibition at La Mama Galleria, Exhibition, Jun 2023

MICROPOLITAN studio is selected to speak for NEW INC’s DEMO festival at the New Museum, Presentation, Jun 2023

Interview with Diane Davis for the 100th Edition of Arquine Magazine, Publication, Nov 2022

MICROPOLITAN Studio welcomes Little Amal, Project, Sep 2022

MICROPOLITAN Studio is selected for the 2022-2023 Collective Abundance Y9 cohort for NEW INC, Aug 2022

Select works by Delara and Jimmy are part of workshops and exhibitions led by Kevin Liu at Gallery a-83, Exhibition, Jul 2022

Francisco Brown selected to be part of US Architects Declare’s steering committee, Leadership, Jun 2022

MICROPOLITAN Studio co-creates the exhibition “Co-creating The People’s Bus” with Yazmany Arboleda, Exhibition, Dec 2021

MICROPOLITAN Studio is selected for the 2021-2022 Collective Abundance Y8 cohort for NEW INC, Aug 2021

Jimmy Pan collaborates on Welcome to Chinatown’s “The Future of Outdoor Dining in Chinatown” Report, Research, Jul 2021

“Sensing Bodies”, by Delara Rahim, is published in Paprika!, Publication, Apr 2022

Delara and Francisco selected as Lab Instructors at Wentworth Institute of Technology’s ‘Future Lab’, Academia, Jan 2021

‘Just Numbers’, by Jimmy Pan, is published in Resilience Quarterly, Publication, Nov 2020

Francisco Brown collaborates on “Breonna’s Billboard”, Project, Oct 2020

Francisco Brown co-curates and moderates ‘Design Impact’ Panel, Leadership, Sep 2020

Francisco Brown edits “Extreme Urbanism: Imagining the future of Ishkashim, Afghanistan Design Guide”, Publication, Sep 2020

’Masks and spaces between us’ for Harvard's DDYA studio, Academia, Aug 2020

Delara and Jimmy, with DRF, co-curate and publish Quarantined, Publication, May 2020

Francisco Brown is selected as a Fellow of ‘Idea City’, Leadership, Feb 2020

Delara Rahim’s ‘Payer/clay/paper’ is exhibited in the Harvard Arts Ceramics Exhibition, Exhibition, Jan 2020

Delara Rahim’s ‘Gestural Surface’ is selected for Harvard Arts First Festival, Exhibition, Dec 2019

‘The Thinness of Lines’, by Jimmy Pan, is published in UD:ID Territories, Publication, Nov 2019

‘In Bloom’, by Delara Rahim, is published in Platform 12: How about now?, Publication, Nov 2019